My Projects

Here’s a list of projects I spend or spent my time on, mostly just for fun. These are just those that might have any kind of a screenshot. The rest can be found at my GitHub page.

Level Counter Advanced

Level Counter Advanced is an app for Android and iOS that allows you and your friends track levels, and bonuses in board games like Mun@#kin. It synchronizes the data between other Level Counter Advanced apps, so everybody sees the same data on the screen.

It’s free and open-source:



ExporTrello is a tool for exporting Trello boards to CSV, JSON, and Markdown. It’s free to use. It’s open-source:



Node.js command line interface to RuTracker for downloading .torrent files. Was built in 2 evenings.

Source can be found here:



My attempt to build a datepicker component with React. It’s fully covered with tests and has some nice features, like quick buttons.


And more… spread across the web