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`pet` is a simple command-line snippet manager. It allows you to write and store snippets for the command-line, so you don't need to remember all the commands you frequently use in you terminal. It can sync your snippets to the GitHub Gist, so you can always take your snippets with you.


My friend once recommended to take a look at pet. As I’m working with command-line all the time a snippet manager in this workflow is a low-hanging fruit. It immediately reduced amount of time I spend on some tasks that do not deserve to be written in a separate script, but at the same time are cumbersome to remember.

Use cases for it are some complex one-liners, like awk, sed, or even ssh.

In order to create a new snippet, you need to run:

pet new

pet will ask you to enter the actual command and its description. For example I often use a command to delete merged git branches from my local repositories:

git checkout master && git fetch -p && git branch --merged | egrep -v "master" | xargs git branch -d

However I often want to preserve some branches without deletion, and in this case pet allows you to have some patterns, that you can fill before executing a command. It’s done using the following format:


So in my case it would be like this:

git checkout master && git fetch -p && git branch --merged | egrep -v "(<branches=master>)" | xargs git branch -d

After adding this snippet, before it’s executed I’ll need to provide a value for branches instead of using master.

Generally pet is quite powerful, easy to use and very portable, what makes it a good piece of software that I’d recommend anyone to take a look at.


Much less unnecessary work for your hands and brain. What else you need to earn 5 out of 5?
Getting used to it takes a bit of time. The workflow could be improved a bit, but you get advantage of using it almost immediately
You don't need a lot of settings with a snippet manager. You can configure your editor, path to snippets' file and GitHub Gist access for syncing
Nothing special in this department here. There are a few TUI elements for compliting some fields in the snippet, if there are any
Cool Factor
CLI tools usually have hard times to produce a wow-effect, but this one does this even with people who are not using command-line at all (tested a few times)
Ease of Use
`pet` is a very powerful yet simple tool and doesn't require a lot of learning upfront, so one might require a few minutes of reading `--help` and immediately gain advantage of it.
All snippets are stored in TOML file, so you can edit it and do whatever is needed just with any text editor. In addition GitHub sync feature gives you an option of storing your snippets available online


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