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14 November 2017 ·

I decided to start a new post category, that will (hopefully) contain in the a list of the most useful/interesting software I used/found during the month. It will be much easier to keep it up-to-date, as it will force me to produce at least one article in a month, thus helping me to keep this place alive.

I tend to love software that was developed for the command-line usage, especially those made for Linux, but there might be some exceptions.

Some of these things were developed a long time ago, some of them might be developed recently, but in the end of the day everything I will list in this category definitely caught my attention.

I might add things retrospectively just to make sure I didn’t forget anything and to make it a nice collection.


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React Router + Connected Component

A tip on how to fix issue when using connected React Router v4 and Redux in React

Use Elm as a Reducer in Redux

Want to use Elm in your project, but a bit hesitant going cold turkey? In this blog post I'll try to show how you can use the best from both worlds bulletproof Elm logic and ridiculously rich React components library.

Open RSS Reader

I'm starting a new open-source project "Open RSS Reader" that will be modular app so if you don't like the existing clients, you'll be able to quickly build your own. It's gonna be both open source and free to use.

SotM: pet - Awesome Command-line Snippet Manager

`pet` is a simple command-line snippet manager. It allows you to write and store snippets for the command-line, so you don't need to remember all the commands you frequently use in you terminal. It can sync your snippets to the GitHub Gist, so you can always take your snippets with you.


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