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01 April 2018 ·

A few weeks ago I thought about starting out a new pet project that would be useful, relatively simple, and fun to build.

I came up with a list of simple apps I either use or used to use and realized that all RSS and Atom feed readers either suck, or proprietary as hell, so I decided to pick it as my next project.

What will make a difference is the following list of features:

I did a few DuckDuckGo searches and found absolutely nothing similar, so I’ll give it a go.

So the idea is to have 2 applications: daemon and one client.

Technical stuff

Daemon will be written in Go, as it allows to compile a binary that can be distributed easily.

Database will depend on the daemon mode. May be I’ll change my decisions around that, but for now I think of:

The first client will be for web, written in Elm (because I love Elm). Nothing super special in this department.


I’ve no idea about how much time it will take me to finish the first version. Daemon is fairly simple in the beginning, so I guess the single-user mode will be the only mode I’ll produce rather quickly.


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